10 Adopted Celebrities

Growing up with your real parents is an ideal scenario in today’s world. However, that doesn’t mean it’s bad not to grow up with other people aside from your parents.

These are a list of 10 popular and successful celebrities who were brought up by their relatives and foster parents.

Steve Jobs

We all know Steve Jobs. He was the CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc. Steve had transformed several lives with his inventions.

He is one of the smartest minds in today’s world. Born in San Francisco, his parents decided to put him up for adoption.

Despite knowing that he lives with his non-biological parents, he still decided to lead a good life. He didn’t fail as he has inspired many to always reach out for their dreams and never give up.

John Lennon

John Lennon grew up with his aunt and uncle as his father was in the military. He was an extremely famous musician. If you’re familiar with the Beatles, then you absolutely know him.

John Lennon with his partner Paul McCartney formed a partnership that earned them worldwide fame. Unfortunately for Lennon, he was shot at his Manhattan apartment. He may have died but his music still lives on.

Marilyn Monroe

She was a model, singer and a sought-after actress during her time. Albeit she was only in the show business for 10 years, Marilyn Monroe is still extremely popular even up to today.

The famous model, who grew up with foster parents and close relatives, died in 1962. Her death may have been the end of her but not her popularity. Even after 50 years, most people still regard her as a popular icon.

Jamie Foxx

When his parents separated, his grandmother took care of Jamie. He grew up to be an actor, singer-songwriter, comedian and a producer.

He has won numerous awards including a Golden Globe for Best Actor.

In the music industry, Jamie was also recognized for producing songs that made it to the top 10 US Billboard. He received a Grammy award which is a complete achievement. Jamie truly is a multi-talented man.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is Lionel Richie’s adopted daughter. She’s known for her hit tv series The Simple Life which earned her fame. She was with her childhood best friend, Paris Hilton, another popular model and artist.

Nicole is also a fashion designer and an author. Currently, she’s still in the show business and still quite popular.

Faith Hill

Do you know that this artist has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide? And Faith Hill is also an actress! Albeit growing up with another parent since birth, Faith Hill made sure that she gets the life that she wants.

She is now married to Tim McGraw, another musician whom she recorded several songs.

Tim McGraw

Like her significant other Faith Hill, the famous musician Tim McGraw is also adopted. He grew up with his real mother and thought his father was his biological father.

Tim is also a highly successful musician who has released 13 albums and 10 of these made it to number 1!

Nicole Polizzi

She was given up at six months but knowing she’s adopted didn’t bother her. In fact, she’s worked hard for her popularity.

Nicole has appeared in several talk shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live and Ellen DeGeneres. Apart from being a tv personality, Nicole is also a great dancer.

Truman Capote

Truman Capote has been writing since he was 8 years old. He published Cold Blood, one of the crime novels that Amazon suggested you should read in this lifetime.

He’s an author, playwright and a screenwriter. Truman has produced numerous plays, short stories and novels. He died in 1984.

Edgar Allan Poe

He writes dark poetry and known for his detective fiction. Edgar Allan Poe was raised by a foster family when his father abandoned him.

His mother died but thankfully, he was taken cared of. Edgar Allan Poe wrote numerous poems and short stories. He died when he was 40 yet his works are still popular especially to lovers of literature.