10 Celebrities Who Experienced Depression


Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world. It is however one of the least understood problems.

People often confuse it with stress, and therefore wonder why rich and famous people with so much money end up depressed.

It should however be understood that people with depression are often plagued with such a degree of unhappiness that they fail to find joy in life even when surrounded by wealth and worldly pleasures. Here are some famous celebrities who have battled depression in the past.

1. Owen Wilson

He is one of the most lovable comedy actors with a career spanning over two decades. In 2007 he was rushed to hospital, after he allegedly attempted suicide at his home in Santa Monica, California. Wilson however responded well to treatment, and he attributes his recovery to spending time with friends and family.

2. Ashley Judd

This beautiful Hollywood actress always comes across as confident and happy. She has however had her share of depressive episodes that she shared with the world in her memoir All that is bitter and sweet.

In the memoir, Judd reveals a life strained by loneliness and unhappiness that began at a young age, as a result of a troubled childhood. In 2006, she underwent a 47-day rehab for depression and insomnia, which she said saved her life.

3. Heath Ledger

He was a fast rising star in Hollywood. In a 2007 interview with the New York Times, he admitted that he was suffering from depression. In 2008, he died in his New York apartment after allegedly overdosing on prescription drugs.

4. Princess Diana

Arguably the most popular member of the royal family of the last century, Diana had a troubled life. She suffered loneliness and had little emotional connection with her new royal family. She apparently suffered depression and had an eating disorder as well, conditions that were made worse by her marriage problems.

5. Chester Bennington

The lead singer the rock band Linkin Park had a long battle with depression. In a radio interview he gave in early 2017, he revealed that he was going through depression, mostly caused by his childhood troubles and drug addictions. He committed suicide at his home a few months later.

6. Jon Hamm

He is best known for his role as a suave executive in the hit TV series Mad Men.

The actor has continuously battled recurring episodes of depression that began in his 20s. He actively encourages people suffering from depression to seek medical attention.

7. Demi Lovato

The charming singer and actress has had a long history of depression and alcoholism that began in her teenage years. Her struggles came into the limelight in 2010 when she was admitted to a rehabilitation program and diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

8. Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Welsh actress, who is married to another Hollywood star Michael Douglas revealed that she suffered from manic depression and had bipolar disorder. She has personally checked herself into rehabilitation twice, in 2011 and in 2013.

9. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth admitted to have experienced postpartum depression after the birth of her second child in 2006. She advises mothers who experience depression after childbirth not to be ashamed of it, and to seek medical help in managing the condition.

10. Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields is among the first A-list stars to publicly acknowledge depression struggles. In 2005, she revealed that she went through postpartum depression after giving birth and often contemplated suicide. Her decision to seek treatment was initially condemned by many, including fellow actor Tom Cruise.

She nevertheless defended her actions and continues to inspire others going through similar challenges.