10 Male Celebs Who Got Ripped and Went from Average to Sexy Thus Improving Their Careers Greatly

If you were ever to pursue a career in acting or get really good at a certain profession to the point that people start to look up to you, the first thing that you’ll probably have to consider is how you look.

While sometimes looks may not be as important in the real world (especially on men), for actors or generally for those in the spotlight, it is a must for them to consider how they present themselves to the world.

Women generally have to wear makeup or glamour to make them look more presentable to the public whereas men normally have to put in the work by doing some strenuous exercises for months or years. Speaking from experience, the rewards are well worth the struggle as you’ll end up feeling more confident and people around you will perceive you differently.

If you are looking to get ripped and are in need of inspiration, then look no further. Below are some 10 celebrities who got ripped off and looked even better for their careers.

1. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is a popular Australian actor known for his role as Thor in the Marvel franchise films.

If you’ve seen the films, you know that he looks like he has put some serious gym time into his body.

However, our popular star was not always this good looking. If you take a look at his past performances such as the Australian TV series Home and Away, you’ll notice that he was hardly muscular and somewhat skinny.

Chris took his body to a whole new level for his role as Thor in the Marvel film franchises and even now, it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone else being able to replace him in the role.

2. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is yet another Marvel star who transformed his body and ended up improving his career as a result.

Before you knew him as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris was an unfit overweight man who mostly got supporting roles in movies. I’m sure most of you never even realized that he starred in some well-known movies and TV shows such as Wanted, The O.C., and Zero Dark Thirty.

However, it was the lead role he landed in Guardians of the Galaxy that made him undergo an impressive transformation body transformation and his physique and good looks even went on to get him other lead roles in Jurassic World and Passengers. Indeed, all his hard work paid off well.

3. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds gained a lot of popularity after he underwent a striking transformation for his role as Van Wilder in the 2002 film, Van Wilder: Party Liaison.

Since his transformation, he has gained a lot of popularity especially among the ladies and went on to get underwear modeling campaigns with huge companies such as Hugo Boss. He has also starred in several major films over the years and is currently popular for his lead role as Deadpool in Deadpool.

4. Will Smith

Most of us remember Will Smith when he was a skinny young man in the hit comedy TV show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Even by looking at some of his popular music videos from the 90’s such as Miami and Wild Wild West, you can clearly see that Will didn’t always have that great physique.

However, it was the role he got to play as legendary boxer Muhammad Ali in the 2001 film Ali that made him undergo a shocking transformation and ever since, he focused more on his acting career as he got lead role after lead role in some of the most popular movies today such as I-Robot and I Am Legend.

5. Taylor Lautner

If you’ve watched the much-dreaded Twilight movies, you know Taylor Lautner is the guy who plays the love-stricken werewolf who is almost entirely shirtless throughout the entire films.

Well, we all know the main reason for that was to get as many teenage girls excited. But before his role in the Twilight franchise, he was actually a skinny guy who could barely land any decent roles. Taylor went on to transform himself from a skinny teenager to a heart throbbing man who packed some serious muscle.

6. Christiano Ronaldo

Well, it’s not only movie stars who undergo body transformations. Christiano Ronaldo is a successful footballer whose current physique comes from a lifetime of sports and fitness.

If you search for some of his past pictures, you’ll discover that Christiano was originally a very skinny guy.

However, as time went on, he has packed on some serious muscle which has also correlated well with his improved performance on the football pitch. Skills, a perfect body, money, what more could a guy ever ask for in life?

7. Hugh Jackman

Another actor well-known for his superhero role as the Wolverine, Jackman wasn’t always muscular.

If you take a closer look at his first performance as the Wolverine in the first X-Men film, you’ll realize that he had the foundations of a great physique but he wasn’t quite there yet. However, in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, we saw a significant change in his muscular appearance and definition.

His training exercises mostly consisted of big lifts such as barbell rows, bench presses, squats, etc.

8. Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is a popular DJ and Songwriter who has been working on his body over the years and managed to impressively transform himself from a skinny guy to a model material and he actually even models for Armani.

He is currently an international sex symbol and is even going out with popular American singer Taylor Swift. Let’s face it if he remained in his skinny average body no one would even take notice of him, right?

9. Gerard Butler

We all know Gerard Butler from his role as Leonidas in 2006’s hit movie, 300. Before this, barely anyone knew who he was or what roles he had played.

His masculine appearance in the hit film was labeled as one of the most impressive male physiques on the screen and looking at his before pictures, you can clearly understand why.

His transformation gave him a bulky muscular appearance which has gained him many lead roles and even now, he is considered as one of the most attractive men in Hollywood because of it.

10. Christian Bale

When talking about body transformations, it is hard not to mention Christian Bale. Christian is someone who is fully committed to his job and when it comes to making his body fit for a role, he always goes the extra mile.

Perhaps one of the most notable changes he went through was when he was a bony figure in The Machinist only to transform to a muscular appearance in just under a year for his role as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy proving that he is indeed capable of getting back into form when necessary.