4 of Hollywood’s Happiest Celebrity Couples

Celebrity couples attract significant attention and following unlike in normal relationships. Being a couple can be very tough especially when both parties are in the limelight.

The public always expects the celebrities to have perfect relationships and marriages.

Fallen marriages and relationships receive tremendous attention and criticism. However, the following are couples who have stood the test of time and proved unshakable despite the challenges.

Victoria and David Beckham

Victoria and David Beckham

flickr.com   Image by © Tony Gentile/Reuters/Corbis

These two lovebirds married on 4th July 1999 and their marriage has lasted 18 years. The two lovebirds have proved to the world that it is possible for celebrity couples to last.

Victoria states that the secret to a happy lasting marriage is spending a lot of time together. True to the word, this couple is always spotted together.

Even in difficult times, they always put their differences aside to address issues that need their attention as a couple. Together they have three sons and one daughter.

Beyonce and Jay Z

Who does not envy this couple! The adorable music titans have been married since 2008 and have 3 kids.

The couple is well known for keeping a lot of information under wraps, something that has helped keep them strong. They have had their share of public criticism with Jay Z currently admitting to cheating on Beyoncé. However, they conquered the storm and even made music jointly as a sign of reconciliation.

They both believe that marriage is important and they work hard to stay together. Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres.

The two stars are undoubtedly the most envied same-sex couple in holly wood. their relationship started back in 2004 and they got married in 2008 with the legalization of same-sex marriage in America. They two lovebirds have never shied off from what they feel for each other.

To culminate their marriage, de Rossi changed her identity to Portia Lee James DeGeneres in 2010.

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith

Jada Pinkett, a celebrated actress, has been married to one of the biggest Hollywood stars for over 20 years.

They got married on December 31st, 1997 and the rest is history. This power couple attributes the success to their marriage as acknowledging that relationships are not perfect. over time, they have grown together and they have two children together.

Like any other couple, Jada and Will have gone through dark times in their union. These range from allegations of them being in an open relationship to divorce rumors. However, they have proved their love for each other by sticking together all times.

Elton John and David Furnish

This is another peculiar couple that has been around since 1993.

Elton and David entered into a partnership in December 2005 and later turned it into a marriage in 2014 after the legalization of gay marriages. The couple has two sons all got through a surrogate.

The couple continues to soar higher despite all odds and their union has blossomed into the dream same-sex marriage.


Just as it takes two to tango, so are relationships and marriages. no celebrity couple is immune to scandal. All it takes is resilience and the will to keep going.