5 Celebs That Suffered Mental Breakdowns

We all admire celebrity life, and it’s all because it sparks the high life fantasy. Onscreen, their life is everything one can ever wish for-glamour, glitter, yacht parties, and sipping champagne at ritzy locations.

But back at home, the glitz is characterized with so much grit beneath, considering they still have to handle the pressure that comes with perfecting their stage acts, image and meeting the expectations of their fans.

Tough task it is. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when news emerge that a particular celebrity is suffering from depression—as a matter of fact, that won’t be the first. Here’s a rundown of 5 celebrities who suffered from a rigorous mental breakdown over the years.

Marilyn Monroe

The late Marilyn Monroe is one of the celebrities whose lives were marred with protracted cycles of depression. Her depressing story goes back to when she was little.

Raised by a single mum, Marilyn never got to know her real father. Her mother would also be admitted in a mental hospital for schizophrenia when she was only eight.

Marilyn’s whole life is marked with constant bouts of depression. But the problem would blow up in 1960 while filming The Misfit, the last movie she ever completed. She would be flown to Westside Hospital where she was admitted.

The condition is also thought to be the reason she had to divorce her then husband, Arthur Miller, and what might have lead to her death in 1962.

Demi Lovato

The singer cum Disney actress was reported by the Seventeen Magazine to have checked herself into treatment for what would later on be reported as a nervous breakdown.

This came while she was in tour with the Jonas Brothers, a tour she had to quit after the condition proved unbearable. She’s also been vocal about dealing with eating disorders and a long range of emotional breakdowns that have now been treated.

It’s for this reason that she decided to form a partnership with The Jed Foundation, in what appears as an attempt to help teenagers cope with emotional issues.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey experienced a serious mental breakdown in 2001 after Virgin Records pulled itself out of the record contract they had going for reason relating to poor album sales.

She wouldn’t take the news nicely, because what followed was her getting admitted at Westchester County and later on at Connecticut. Though she went ahead and cleared all the rumors floating about regarding what she was suffering from, she’s admitted to have also suffered from a mental breakdown.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears divorce to her then husband, Kevin Federline, appears to have taken a serious toll on her mental health. Things started getting worse from there.

From attacking paparazzi and shaving her head to locking herself in a bathroom and being checked into a psychiatric hospital, it’s safe to say Britney Spears is one of the celebrities who understand what it means when someone talks about how much of a serious problem depression really is.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss’s modeling career was anything but a smooth ride.

Speaking to Vanity Magazine, the model admitted to have suffered from constant hits of depression at the beginning of her modeling career. Her problem would start when she was around 17 years, after posing topless for some ad shoots. She wasn’t comfortable with the posses, and couldn’t bring herself to getting out of bed and facing the world the following two weeks.

Her modeling career was successful at the time, but her behind-the-scenes life was riddled with never-ending fits of negative emotions that almost made her consider suicide.