Were You Wondering What These Celebrities Look Like Today?

Feeling a little nostalgic? Have you ever wondered what happened to those celebrity movie stars you used to watch in the 90’s?

Did you give them a second thought or have you followed them online? Let’s take a closer look at several of these stars we loved and see what they’re up to now!

Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment

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In the 90’s you spotted Haley Joel Osment everywhere! We were privileged to see him appear in Forest Gump, Murphy Brown and Sixth Sense. His most recent accomplishments are Will Ferrell’s Spoils of Babylon and the Entourage movie.

Mara Wilson

Who could forget the little girl who played Sally Field and Robin Williams’ youngest daughter in the movie Mrs.

Doubtfire? Matilda and Miracle on 34th Street seem to be her legacy since we have not heard or seen anything from her for some time now.

Kirk Cameron

You could count on Kirk Cameron put in a regular appearance on the cover of Tiger Beat while he starred in the very popular ABC sitcom Growing Pains. As an evangelical Christian, this young man now spends most of his time making films that are faith-based.

Jonathan Lipnicki

We are almost unable to recognize him without the giant pair of glasses he wore in Jerry Maguire. That little boy is still adored for putting us all through one of the most intense Father’s Day videos, a tribute to Tom Cruise that no-one seems to have forgotten!

Andrea Barber

Who could forget the sassy best friend in Full House? Andrea was everyone’s favorite then, and soon she will once again appear as Kimmy Gibbler in the ‘Fuller House spin-off series. I know a lot of people who are looking forward to watching this.

Eddie Cahill

Looking at recent photos, you would never recognize Eddie Cahill who played the part of Tag Jones, boyfriend and assistant to Rachel Green in the hit sitcom Friends. It has been 15 years since that show. From 2004 to 2013 he had a role in CSI: NY as Don Flack. Now you can watch him on CBS as Sam Vedreaux in Under the Dome.

Laura Innes

From 1995 to 2009, we saw Laura in the role of Dr. Kerry Weaver on the ever popular ER. After that 14-year run came to an end she followed it up with a part in the NBC thriller, The Event.

Jackee Harry

Jackee Harry became famous for appearing in hit shows like Sister, Sister and 227. We see her appear more recently in Celebrity Wife Swap, the season four premiere.

James Michael Tyler

Tyler became the most frequent guest character in the history of the show ‘Friends’, as Gunther the barista. During the 20th anniversary celebration of the show, he could be easily recognized at the Central Perk Pop-Up.

Laura Harris

From 1991 to 1993 Laura Harris could be seen on Nickelodeon’s teen soap Fifteen. (Ryan Reynolds was the baby here!). She has continued her acting career, most recently appearing on a TV series Whole Day Down.

Macaulay Culkin

We see Macauley Culkin currently showing off his new red hair dye. The Home Alone character of Kevin McCallister is long gone since he is all grown up now! He is to appear in Adam Green’s Aladdin with OITNB’s Natasha Lyonne and Zoë Kravitz.