What 6 Celebrities Do To Look Much Younger Than Their Age

When you look at celebrities, don’t you always wonder how young they look for their age? Like vintage wine, they seem to get finer by the years despite their rigorous schedules.

Well, there’s no need to keep on speculating that it’s either “the good docs or the good genes”. Let us explore some of the secret recipes celebrities use to achieve this sense of immortality.

1. Pharrell Williams, 44

Pharrell Williams

(c) Frank Schwichtenberg

At 40 years old, Pharrell could literally blend in a group of college freshmen, and I bet he wouldn’t appear to be the oldest. You wonder how?

Well, during an interview with Time Out London, Williams assured fans that he definitely did not drink blood as it had jokingly been speculated by many. Rather, he gave a simple secret nobody would have thought of, “I wash my face”. I know right? Am also not convinced.

2. Victoria Beckham, 43

Since her time with the famous girl group “Spice Girls”, Victoria has maintained that same teenage body and skin tone. In an interview with Net-a-Porter last year, she confided that she consults an incredible specialist in LA called Dr. Harold Lancer who worked magic on her skin.

This, he did by asking Victoria to include salmon in her daily diet. Research suggests that the fat found in fish have anti-inflammatory properties and can also guard the skin against the sun. Let’s just say her story has some truths.

3. Jared Leto, 45

Leto has been in the industry for as long as we can remember, how does he maintain that youthful look? In 2013, he told GQ that it all boils down to sleep and diet. Further explaining that someone who travels for extended distances without getting enough sleep loses their youthfulness sooner than later. He also said that he had been a vegan for the past 20 years.

4. Christie Brinkley, 63

Christie is another celebrity who never gets old. She once had a photo shoot with Sports Illustrated that looking at the shots; you’d be excused for thinking she was a college cheerleader.

The answer to her anti-aging tendencies lies in her diet. She has remained strict to her vegetarian diet for years in which she admitted to blending all kinds of fruits and veggies into her meals.

5. Paul Rudd, 48

Rudd’s agelessness has been so conspicuous that fans have come up with internet quizzes inspired by it. In 2013, he interviewed with InStyle, revealing to them that he wears sunscreen a lot. Not one for a tan, he disclosed that he wears sunscreen not to prevent wrinkles but to prevent skin cancer, which he dreads.

6. Heidi Klum, 44

If Victoria has the secret to youth, then we can say Heidi found it. At the rate she is aging, she could grace the runway for generations, and nobody would notice it. In 2010, she enthused to Allure about the power of sunscreen. She dismissed a suntan to be temporary and damaging to the skin, adding that she uses sunscreen on her kids daily before school time and playtime. Her kids have even come to get used to it.